Value Chain Analysis and Development

NAM Value chain(Possible Programme – Not yet accepted)

  • Development of the value chain maps for non-automotive manufacturing:
    • Identify raw materials, processing steps, intermediate products, final products;
    • Map the matrix from raw materials to final product, incorporating processing yields, anticipated cost elements, and potential market values;
  • Identify commercially-viable opportunities, gaps in existing vertically-integrated supply chains, and obstacles to exploitation;
  • Link existing and / or potential new enterprises to develop the opportunities from the value chains;
  • Identify research and development needs, and facilitate focused contract research and development;
  • Optimisation of the supply chain of non-automotive manufacturing:
    • Utilization of the “whole source” through utilization of waste / by-products;
    • Coordination of supplies
    • Development of quality norms and standards to optimise utilization of materials between applications / value chains;
  • Utilise cluster development principles to establish and develop synergistic partnerships between enterprises, especially between established and new enterprises;
  • Facilitating the development of higher value products and feedstock materials, in response to market needs and opportunities in the value chains.
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