Pioneer Programme – Sharing Resource-Efficiency Experiences

Pioneer Programme – Sharing Resource-Efficiency Experiences

April 28, 2016

The inaugural Pioneer Programme workshop was held at Volkswagen South Africa in Uitenhage on 11 April 2016.

Objectives of the Pioneer Programme
With the help of a resource efficiency pioneer who has already implemented measures that proved to be successful in their own manufacturing operations, participating manufacturers will be enabled to identify starting points and ideas regarding their own resource efficiency potentials. The pioneer manufacturer presents its measures and achievements and commits to answer specific questions of the participants for a limited time.

Benefit to Participants: Participants learn about well-proven real-world solutions which work in local manufacturing facilities, with an emphasis on low-cost or no-cost measures. The pioneer’s tangible and measurable achievements will trigger the participants’ motivation.

Benefit to Pioneer: By supporting other manufacturers in the Eastern Cape Province the general industrial infrastructure and manufacturing capability will be improved. The pioneer will also benefit from a gain in reputation.

For the initial implementation, Volkswagen South Africa was identified as a pioneer, based on the implementation and experience gained through their ongoing “Think Blue. Factory”programme.

In the case of the workshop hosted by Volkswagen, focal points included:

  • Compressed air
  • Lighting
  • Base Load management and control

Possible future focal areas could include the following:

  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning);
  • Waste avoidance and management;
  • Water usage;
  • Waste water treatment;
  • Maintenance reliability;
  • Energy management and control;
  • Renewable energies;
  • Compressed air;
  • Lighting;
  • Steam / heating;
  • Pumping systems;

Feedback received from the participants of this program:
“It was interesting and I think it could help our company.”
“It is always interesting and useful to listen to another company present as it always opens up new ideas, maybe not always technical.”
“Very good, I liked the arrangements, all the details… everything was perfect.”
“Very well prepared and presented.”

Should you wish to participate in the next Pioneer Programme, please contact us.

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