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The NAM Cluster follows a defined cluster development strategy.

This strategy is focused on unlocking the potential for cooperation, collaboration, and applying solutions learned in one facet to gain advantage in another.


the non-automotive manufacturing model

The Eastern Cape’s Non-Automotive Manufacturing (NAM) Cluster is geared to support the coordinated development of manufacturing outside the automotive agro-industrial sectors. The economic cluster model is considered to be the most appropriate structure to drive and coordinate this development.

The NAM Cluster is a grouping of strategically interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, service providers, and associated institutions in non-automotive manufacturing in the Eastern Cape. Although Cluster members are independent entities, participation in the NAM Cluster provides opportunities to increase productivity and competitiveness of Members and the cluster as a whole. Generally, cluster members benefit through shared initiatives (market access, marketing, supply-chain development etc), and through the unlocking of synergies between them.

Eastern Non-Automotive cluster development

Cluster development

KEY FOCUS AREAS for the development and management of the Eastern Cape NAM Cluster include:

RELEVANCE: Maintain focus on the relevance of the Cluster for members as a cornerstone for economic development;

FOCUSED CLUSTER INTERVENTIONS: At which junctures must cluster interventions be focused to maximise the benefit to individual projects and the cluster as a whole, and to maintain focus within the overall context of the cluster strategy;

CLUSTER-BASED TRAINING: Cluster-based training: develop the capacity within cluster projects to apply the cluster
development skills and disciplines, and the business incubation principles, to further develop the projects within the cluster;

REVIEWING AND AUDITING CLUSTERING INTIATIVES: Reviewing and monitoring the cluster development process to ensure effectiveness of the cluster actions, and continued alignment with the cluster strategy.

COORDINATION AND COMMUNICATION: Coordination and Communication: undertaking overall coordination between
activities and projects to unlock synergies and cost savings, and maintain overall direction within the scope of the cluster strategy.

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